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Cassie Horner

Cassie Horner

Children & Youth

1/27/24 | 8:45am

Building Relationships, Community and Rapport

Session Description

Building relationships is something we do every year. With these fun games and activities, your groups will become more connected and they will have fun in the process! Once students know how to play these games, they can easily be used for sub plans and time fillers. These activities also make great competition and can be used as formative and summative assessments.

Clinician Bio

Cassie Horner is currently director of choirs at Les Bois Junior High in the Boise School District. She graduated from Idaho State University in 2012 and earned a Masters in Educational Leadership from Boise State University in 2016. Cassie is in her 11th year teaching and her 5th year at Les Bois Junior High. Her top group, Improv, was selected to perform at the 2019 Fall In-Service Idaho ACDA conference and at the 2023 Idaho Music Educators Conference. Cassie has enjoyed performing with the Boise Women’s Chorus and in the choir at Cathedral of the Rockies.

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