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Accepted singers will be notified on November 1, 2023

The 2024 conference gathers six honor choirs for students from grades 4 to 12. This opportunity brings students together with passionate and talented peers from across the Northwestern region in a supportive choral community. Singers will be transformed through an experience with diverse and inspiring conductors from across the United States.


Emily Ellsworth

Children's & Community Youth

New! 4th-7th grade

January 26-27, 2024 (concert on Saturday evening)

Jennifer Barnes


9th-12th grade

January 24-26, 2024 (concert on Friday afternoon)

Dr. Jonathan Talberg

11th-12th Grade SA


January 24-27, 2024 (concert on Saturday afternoon)

Dr. Rosephanye Powell

11th-12th TB


January 24-27, 2024 (concert on Saturday afternoon)

Dr. Jace Saplan

9th-10th Grade SATB


January 24-27, 2024 (concert on Saturday afternoon)

Dr. Rollo Dilworth

Middle School

6th-8th grade

January 24-27, 2024 (concert on Saturday afternoon)


Before December 1, 2023

Please send these two forms home with your singer for their families to fill out and return back to you, their choir director. 


Information on this form will be entered into the online registration form (see below) emailed by the Honor choir Chair.


These forms will be uploaded as a PDF into the online registration form.

Once teachers have been notified of their students’ acceptance, they will receive an email for each student who needs registration. This email will be tied to a unique form for that student, so that the information and payment they provide will securely be linked to that singer. Teachers will submit the necessary information and upload documents for their students there. Registration will not be submitted through Submittable, like it was in 2022.

The registration fee will also be submitted through this online form. In the online form, teachers will be able to…

  • Pay for the student by credit card

  • Redirect a simple payment request to the singer’s parent/guardian to pay by credit card (added bonus: when the parent pays the bill, the teacher will be notified that the payment was made!)

  • Arrange for the student to be paid for within a bulk payment (e.g. by a school with multiple students, by check, or by credit card. Purchase Orders will not be accepted).

  • Students who receive financial aid (notified on November 15) cannot be paid for in a bulk payment. They must be paid individually.

Registration Fees

Children’s & Community Youth - $136

Middle School Honor Choir - $188

9th-10th Grade SATB Honor Choir - $240

11th-12th Grade SA - $240

11th-12th Grade TB - $240

Jazz Honor Choir - $240

Have your singer’s chaperone reserve their hotel room at either one of the conference hotels by December 1 using either the special online reservation link or by reserving over the phone.

The Davenport Grand Hotel
333 W Spokane Falls Blvd
Spokane, WA 99201
(509) 458-3330

Rehearsal Location for
9-10 SATB Honor Choir
11-12 SA Honor Choir
11-12 TB Honor Choir
Jazz Honor Choir


The Historic Davenport Hotel

10 S Post St.

Spokane, WA 99201
(509) 455-8888

Rehearsal Location for

Middle School Honor Choir

Important Notes on Hotel Rooms

  • If reserving your hotel rooms online, you must reserve through the special online reservation link emailed to you by the Honor Choir Chair. If you do not use this link, you will not receive the discounted rate, and you won’t be listed on the housing roster, which could result in being removed from the honor choir.

  • If reserving over the phone, tell the staff you are with NW ACDA Honor Choirs. If you do not tell them you are with the honor choirs, you will not receive the discounted rate, and you won’t be listed on the housing roster, which could result in being removed from the honor choir.

  • All accepted students must stay in either the Davenport Grand or Historic Davenport hotels, except singers who live locally. Singers who live in the Spokane Public Schools, West Valley School District, Central Valley School District, East Valley School District, Cheney School District, and Mead School District boundaries are no longer required to stay in conference hotels; they are welcome to stay at home and commute to/from rehearsals as long as they show up to each rehearsal on time. 

  • The designated chaperone must either (1) stay in the hotel room with the singer if a parent/guardian, or (2) follow the school, district, or organization policy regarding overnight trips if a school or organization employee.

Accepted singers MUST…
  • Be present at all scheduled rehearsals, dress rehearsals, and performance

    • Local, commuting students: Singers who live in local boundaries (i.e.  Spokane Public Schools, West Valley School District, Central Valley School District, East Valley School District, Cheney School District, and Mead School District boundaries) and commute to/from rehearsals MUST arrive at rehearsal on time. Any commuting singer who misses more than 15 total minutes of rehearsal throughout the conference will no longer be allowed to participate in the honor choir.

  • Arrive at the first rehearsal having learned their voice part in all music. Rehearsal tracks will be provided so singers can learn their part on their own without their choir director. Singers who arrive to the first rehearsal unprepared will not be allowed to participate in the honor choir.

  • Abide by all NW ACDA Honor Choir behavioral policies. If rules are broken, singers will be sent home at their own personal expense.

Please see the draft honor choir schedules to start planning your travel arrangements. Each singer is required to attend all honor choir activities, so make your travel plans accordingly. Singers are also required to arrive at Registration, where they will receive all of their materials.

Chaperones are a vital part of the success of these honor choirs. Each student needs a chaperone, whether it is a parent/guardian or a teacher, but one chaperone may serve more than one singer.

  • Chaperones are responsible for reserving the singer’s hotel room.

  • Chaperones are responsible for singers at all times, except when in rehearsal.

  • Chaperones are not required to pay any fee.

  • Chaperones will not be granted access to any NW ACDA events without purchasing conference registration or concert tickets.

  • Chaperones will not receive breakfast provided at the College Fair.

Financial Aid

The Northwestern Region of ACDA aims to provide as many students as possible with access to this life-changing opportunity and lessen their financial burden. We understand that participating in this experience is no easy monetary feat, so we aim to offer as much financial assistance to as many accepted students as possible.

Honor Choir acceptance emails, delivered to the teacher/director on November 1, will include a link to a financial aid application, due November 10, 2023 at 11:59pm. Financial aid applications must be completed by the student’s teacher/director with a valid ACDA membership number. Financial aid is available to students who request it on a first-come, first-served basis. No financial aid requests will be considered after 11:59pm on November 10, 2023.

Northwestern ACDA cannot provide financial assistance without your generous support. Please consider donating to the Northwestern ACDA Honor Choir Access Fund today so all accepted students can participate in this incredible opportunity.

annie stranger.jpeg


Annie Stanger, Honor Choir Chair

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