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Program Chair and President-Elect Tim Westerhaus summarizes the 2020 NWACDA Conference held in Spokane, WA on March 11-13 Read more

"Zip-ah-dee-doo-DON'T Read more
by Sarah J. Graham, Associate Professor of Music, Lewis-Clark State College, Lewiston

One breath together...a choral singer's wish for 2020  Read more

by Julie MacLellan, a member of Amabilis, choral group from Burnaby, BC

When we walk through the door Read more
by Nicole Lamartine, Past-President, NWACDA

Is Imposter Syndrome keeping you away from ACDA conferences? Read more
by Brenda Winkle, Boise, Idaho

Curious thing, this recurring dream...Read more
by Howard Meharg, Web/Editor

"Just what is it that you choral folks do?," he asked.  Read more
by Scott Anderson, President, Idaho ACDA 

Ten SSA and SSAA pieces to give a whirl Read more
by Lynn Ryan, R&R Coordinator for Youth Choirs

Spring...the time for plans and projects; What does ACDA do for me? Read more
by Charlotte Colliver, President, Montana, ACDA

Inspired by the Re-inspired Read more
by Larry Munari, President, Wyoming ACDA

Helpful information from our Industry Representative, Brad Mastrangelo Read more

Not for the faint of heart...this growing older business! Read more
y Howard Meharg, Web/Editor, NWACDA

Are you a sherpa or a coxswain? Read more
by Michael Porter, Coordinator, R&R for Collegiate Choirs

Rethinking your dash Read more
by Paul A. Aitken, Director of Music & Worship Arts, Cathedral of the Rockies, Boise, Idaho
R&R Chair for Music in Worship, NWACDA

Music has power to bring us together, boost our brains (Article in "The Columbian," daily paper from Vancouver,              WA by Greg Jayne, editorial page editor, based on research and presentation by Dr. Larry Sherman, University of Oregon Read more

Rethinking the closer Read more         
by Dale Trumbore, Composer (this article reprinted with permission from "Cantate," CA's ACDA magazine

Creating a culture of trust in the music classroom Read more 
by Amy Logan, President, Montana ACDA 

At the risk of your eyes glazing over, let's talk about the fascinating subject of vowels Read more         
by Howard Meharg, Editor, NW Notes 

Choral elitism ---it's real Read more         
by Chris Maunu, R&R Chair for High School Choirs, Colorado ACDA (guest article)

Teaching culturally: encounters with immigrant students Read more         
by Sarah J. Graham, D.M.A., Lewis-Clark State College, Lewiston, ID

Four first-year fundamentals: a repertoire guide for not "failing" in your first year of teaching Read more 
by Stacia Cammarano, Director of Choral Music at Shadle High School, Spokane

The philosophy behind the sight-reading imperative  Read more
by Stuart Hunt

RESOURCES that are well worth your time! (Thanks to our Montana ACDA writers)

Resources for the Middle School/Junior High School Choral Director, by Ellen Forsland  HERE

A Guide for Choosing Multi-Cultural Music for Your Choirs, by Janet Morgenstern  HERE

Diction and Intonation (by Jill Whiteman, R&R Chair for Women's Choir, MTACDA) HERE

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