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Morten Lauridsen

Composer & Pianist


Morten Lauridsen joins NW ACDA as a guiding presence and inspiration throughout our 2022 gathering, opening with his Lux aeterna (performed by Combined Collegiate Choirs and professional orchestra) and closing with an all-conference sing of his Sure on This Shining Night, with Morten playing piano as we sing together. Additional sessions include:


  • Lux aeterna Combined College Choirs Conversation: A pre-conference conversation with Lux aeterna collegiate singers and conductor Edith Copley

  • Text Setting & Interpretation with Morten Lauridsen (Plenary Session with All Attendees): An exploration of choosing texts, setting texts, interpreting, and performing texts

  • Sure on This Shining Night All-Conference Rehearsal & Conversation (Plenary Session): Rehearsal with the composer and conductor Amber Lauridsen of Sure on This Shining Night (Nocturnes no. 3)

  • A Conversation with Morten Lauridsen & Composers (Composer Track): A Discussion of Career and Creative Life

All-Conference Sing of “Sure on This Shining Night”

On Saturday evening’s 8 pm closing concert, all attendees will join our voices together, led by conductor Amber Lauridsen and accompanied by composer Morten Lauridsen at the piano. All attendees will receive a print or digital copy of the music and rehearse with this composer-conductor team on Saturday morning’s plenary session. We encourage attendees to order a copy of the music to learn your part in advance.

Amber Photo.jpg

Amber Kim Lauridsen


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