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Raul Dominguez

Raul Dominguez



Nosotres Existimos: Mexican Choral Repertoire and Resources

Session Description

The goal of Nosotres Existimos is inclusion and belonging for the choral conductor’s students and community through programming. This session’s information on Mexican repertoire and resources, through handouts and websites, will connect our growing Chicano/a/e student population to this large body of music. By the end, attendees will have more insight on Mexican choral music history, know where to find Mexican and indigenous repertoire, and have access to resources to lead culturally responsive performances. Using this session’s offerings, participants can generate deeper belonging amongst their students and community, share unheard voices, and continue to build community through music.

Clinician Bio

Raul Dominguez is the Director of Choral Activities at Regis University. Through his research focus, the choral music of the United Mexican States, he seeks to provide choirs with the necessary resources to facilitate artistic performances of Mexican choral music. Prior to Regis, Raul earned Bachelor of Music degrees from Oklahoma City University and then led the choirs at Clear Lake High School in his hometown of Houston, TX for four years. After Clear Lake, Raul earned his Master of Music degree at Ithaca College. Recently, he earned his Doctor of Musical Arts degree at the University of Colorado Boulder.

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