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NW Affirmations - DeReau K. Farrar

Especially for those seeking musical beauty in spiritual communities, we celebrate all the choral conductors working in religious or spiritual settings, grateful for their creativity and care. We are grateful for all our NW colleagues who are actively leading Music in Worship! Feel free to share your own affirmation of a Music in Worship colleague in this post's comments.

This week's "NW Affirmation" comes from NW ACDA World Musics & Cultures Co-Chair, Sydney Guillaume, celebrating DeReau K. Farrar, who is director of music at First Unitarian Church of Portland, Oregon, and a member of the board and conference planning committee of the Unitarian Universalist Musicians Network.

Sydney writes:

"DeReau K. Farrar is doing examplary work as the director of music at First Unitarian Church of Portland, Oregon. After attending church services at his congregation a few times, we can attest for his amazing work as an advocate and innovator. He's also an all-around fantastic musician!"

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