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Roger Emerson

Roger Emerson

Interest Session 3

1/25/24 | 8:45-9:45am

Voices in Transition: Gender Inclusive Choral Voicings

Session Description

The session will provide choral voicing options to meet the needs of both the changing transgender voice and those of cis-gender singers. As choir directors are faced with more students who identify as transgender, the need to be able to chose literature that meets those needs is imperative. In addition to existing voicings, options for adapting scores with a new "flex" part using guidelines created by Stevie J. Hirner will be included.

Clinician Bio

Roger Emerson is a professional composer/arranger and educator. He has taught vocal music at all levels but is best known for his arrangements and compositions of "You Raise Me Up", "Seasons of Love", "Shoshone Love Song", "Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel" and many more. He has appeared at numerous ACDA and NAFME Conferences presenting sessions on Middle School, Changing Voice, Vocal Jazz and Popular Music.

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