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Eric Posada

Eric Posada

Interest Session 1

1/24/24 | 3-4pm

Love, Understanding, Positivity: Tenets for Building a Choral Program

Session Description

A successful choral program fosters an energized, inclusive, and safe culture and merges the director’s vision, core values, and style with the synergy and tangible realities of the students served. To achieve this, one must rely upon five tenets to create, build, and innovate the choral program and support, motivate, and welcome all students. Dr. Posada will share strategies that are diverse and relatable to educators of all levels: from middle school to high school, Title One to affluent, and college to university. Topics addressed include articulating a clear philosophy; building a program around core values; creating innovative themed rehearsals; participating in meaningful bonding activities; learning each learner; selecting engaging, artistic repertoire; inviting trust and empathy, and maximizing student potential via love, understanding, and positivity.

Clinician Bio

Eric Posada serves as Director of Choral Activities at Angelo State University and Founder/Artistic Director of Pasión and the San Angelo Chorus. Previously, Dr. Posada held academic appointments at the University of North Carolina Charlotte, Tyler Junior College, Texas A&M University, and Texas Tech University. Posada has presented interest sessions for twenty-four regional and state music conferences. His professional chorus, Pasión, won third place in The American Prize for two categories, Choral Performance and the Performance of American Music, and was selected through refereed audition as Performing Choir for the 2021 Texas Choral Directors Association Summer Conference.

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