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Coty Raven Morris

Coty Raven Morris

Interest Session 4

1/25/24 | 11:15am-12:15pm

Rep Spotlight Session: Taking the CODA: Cultivating Opportunities & Discovering Artistry

Session Description

There is a weight in the phrase “easier said than done”! As our conversations expand beyond literature to help our singers connect with matters outside of rehearsal, Conductors find themselves questioning the authenticity of their actions. Join Morris, Professor of Choir, Music Education and Social Justice at Portland State University and Founder of Being Human Together, for discussion and interactive experience on how your programming can be both impactful, authentic, and engaging for both singer and audience! Participants will leave with new repertoire, tools, and a full heart!

Clinician Bio

Coty Raven Morris is a proud alumnus of Texas State University-San Marcos and Michigan State University where she attained a Masters in choral conducting. Morris is a sought-after clinician, speaker, and artist across the country and has recently served as the Clinician and Headliner for Florida ACDA and Minnesota ACDA. Along with her work at Portland State University as the Visiting Professor of Choir, Music Education, and Social Justice, she is also the founder of Being Human Together (BHT), a budding community utilizing music education striving to normalize difficult topics in our field through conversation and connection. Her most recent acknowledgments include being a nominee for the Portland State University George C Hoffman Faculty award as well as a Quarter-finalist for the 2023 Music Educators Grammy!

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