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Brenda Winkle

Brenda Winkle

Session 1

Wednesday March 9th - 5pm

Understanding your Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Blueprint

Session Description

Our DEI blueprints are the starting point. They may affect us in ways we are consciously aware of as well as having an influence on our unconscious biases and blindspots through things that were openly, tacitly, and accidentally taught by our parental impacters, teachers, leaders, friends, etc. This session will help attendees identify DEI blindspots and provide strategies for creating or strengthening your choir's DEI initiatives.

Clinician Bio

Brenda Winkle has directed choirs of singers from age 3 to adult through the midwest, Idaho, and relocated to Beaverton, Oregon in 2021. Originally from Nebraska, she has a Bachelor’s degree in K-12 Music Education and a Master's Degree from Boise State University in Educational Leadership. She teaches elementary music for the Beaverton School District. She has served on the NWACDA board since 2019 and brings a passion for rigorous instruction and healthy singing for young voices.

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