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Brenda Winkle

Brenda Winkle

Interest Session 3

1/25/24 | 8:45-9:45am

Breathwork: Stress Relief for Directors and Singers

Session Description

This interactive session will provide participants with a breathwork experience led through a trauma-informed lens and leave them with tools they can use in their personal lives, in their careers and with their singers to reduce anxiety, relieve stress, and be more present. Breath can ward off burnout, mitigate challenging behaviors, and supercharge energy. This session will include a a list of various breath patterns that can energize, relax, and reset both directors and choirs. Breathwork is proven to lower blood pressure along with a host of other physical, mental and psychological benefits. Led by certified trauma-informed breathwork facilitator, energy healer and NWACDA DEI Chair Brenda Winkle.

Clinician Bio

Brenda Winkle is a choral music educator with 26 years of experience across all levels. Brenda has taught in rural, suburban, and urban settings and understands the pressures facing music educators and their students. She currently serves as NWACDA DEI Chair. In 2022, she pivoted to bring healing to teachers, parents and students by bringing in breathwork healing to schools. In her business she supports highly sensitive people, over-achievers, perfectionists, people pleasers, and empaths (musicians) set boundaries, protect their energy, and heal their nervous systems. She lives in the Portland Metro Area in Beaverton, Oregon.

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