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Andrew Robinette

Andrew Robinette

Interest Session 3

1/25/24 | 8:45-9:45am

How Teaching Applied Voice Changed My Choral Rehearsals

Session Description

The interest session will focus on how teaching applied voice has informed and changed three specific areas in my choral rehearsals. It will give effective and practical ways to approach breath support and healthy vocal production within a rehearsal context. It will explore rehearsal methods that are commonly used by applied voice teachers to help their student’s placement, range, diction, and tone color. Finally, it will examine how conducting gesture can better facilitate healthy singing. In addition to offering these techniques, the session will focus on ways to incorporate these methods within repertoire to maximize effective rehearsals. These methods are effective for choirs that meet several times a week, middle school, high school, and college choirs, or less often, such as church and community choirs.

Clinician Bio

Dr. Andrew Robinette is an Associate Professor of Music at South Dakota State University where he teaches conducting, choral methods, applied voice and conducts multiple choirs. He has presented his research in more than two dozen conference interest sessions including the national conferences of ACDA, NCCO, and MTNA. His publication placements include, The Choral Journal, Anacrusis, and The Choral Scholar and American Choral Review. Dr. Robinette’s choirs have performed by invitation at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and state conferences. The former President of South Dakota NATS, his voice students have won state competitions for both MTNA and NATS.

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