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Other choral events may be posted here by contacting Howard Meharg, Web Editor. Those posting should be members of ACDA, though the event may not necessarily be under the auspices of ACDA. 

Keep Our Choirs Singing Series 
with Geoffrey Boers, Giselle Wyers, Brian Winne, and Angela Broeker

I am pleased to announce a series of three workshops for choral teachers. The #KeepOurChoirsSinging series has been created with the recognition that our choirs will not be able to sing face to face for the time being and providing tools and techniques that are successful for virtual or F2F rehearsals. We are dedicated that, during a time while we might not create music together with our ensembles, perform publicly, we can use this time to invest in our future: building choral artists in vocal technique, artistry and musicianship, for the time when we can be back together again. We are focused on providing a path for teachers to make what comes naturally-when a choir is face to face- intentional, so that the transformational and powerful things that happen in choir, can still touch our students' lives.


Registration for KeepOurChoirsSinging is now open. Registration is available for a limited number of participants who will have virtual "hands on" teaching practice and "podium time." In addition, we are inviting participants to bring student leaders and collaborative artists on day 3 of Sessions 1 and 2, to help equip them to assist in virtual or F2F rehearsals. We also are offering an Observer registration to provide greater access. 5% of registration will go to providing equitable access to technology through Technology Access Foundation. 


 REGISTRATION IS AT http://CLaSResources.com

Information about Session 1 with Brian Winne and Geoffrey Boers - July 10-12, 2020

Information about Session 2 with Geoffrey Boers and Angela Broker, July 29-31, 2020

Information about Session 3 with Giselle Wyers and Geoffrey Boers

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