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Pingyi Song

Pingyi Song

Session 2

Thursday March 10th - 8:30am

A Brief Introduction of Choral Literature in Eastern Asian Musical Cultures

Session Description

This interest session aims to provide practical and valuable guidances for music educators to study and program choral literature from Eastern Asian musical cultures. This session presents a brief introduction of choral literature in Eastern Asia, starting by a general introduction of the geography of the Eastern Asian musical cultures, the audience will explore choral repertoire from musical cultures of Japan, Korea, Mongolia, and China. This session also briefly introduces the historical development of choral music in Eastern Asian cultures, both in its traditional form and under the influence of the Western European musical style. This session is dedicated to recognizing the significant and underrepresented composers and choral masterpieces from the Eastern Asian musical cultures of Japan, Korea, Mongolia, and China.

Clinician Bio

Pingyi Song is pursuing a D.M.A. degree in Choral Conducting at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro. As a Chinese original musician, she is dedicated to promoting cultural exchange musically between the U.S. and China. Her research interests include A new approach to Mandarin Chinese lyric diction; The development of Chinese choral history; and The compilation of Chinese and Eastern Asian choral literature. Ms.Song holds a M.M. degree from West Virginia University, a Choral Summer School Certificate from Oxford University, U.K., and undergraduate degrees from Mansfield University of Pennsylvania and Guangzhou University, China.

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