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Nicole Lamartine

Nicole Lamartine

Interest Session 4

1/26/24 | 8:45-9:45am

And we’re back...Now... Teach them How to SING!

Session Description

We are rebuilding programs and skills in these years following the pandemic. This session reviews and solidifies vocal technique for building choral tone in the ensemble, from middle school through collegiate settings. In a completely interactive session, we will explore and remember basic tenants of beautiful choral tone and technique: breath flow, vowel formation, spacious tone, high resonance placement, and confident and committed singing. Participants will experience the “voice lesson” that might be the front matter of a choral rehearsal, and how to identify and correct vocal development challenges. Additionally, we will explore how to change vocal tone to match repertoire.

Clinician Bio

Nicole C. Lamartine serves as the Director of Choirs at Central Washington University and is passionate about creating innovative, engaging, and diverse choral experiences to positively impact the next generation of choral musicians. She served previously on the faculties of the University of California, Santa Barbara, and the University of Wyoming. She has conducted numerous All-State and international honor choirs, and appeared with her own choirs at regional ACDA and NAfME conferences. She is the Conductor of Chor Anno and was the founding conductor of the Santa Barbara Gay Men's Chorus. She is a Past-President of Northwestern ACDA.

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