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Michael Porter

Michael Porter

Session 1

Wednesday March 9th - 5pm

RSS: Collegiate and University Repertoire. “We don’t like this piece:” Building Buy-in

Session Description

You’ve spent your entire summer pouring over mountains of choral repertoire and selected works that will challenge and enlighten your students. However, after a few rehearsals you’re met with, “We don’t like this piece,” “This is boring,” or simply silent eye rolls from your choir. Sound familiar? This reading session will review several quality works along with methods to help turn “We don’t like this piece,” to “We LOVE this piece!”

Clinician Bio

Dr. C. Michael Porter is the Director of Choral Activities at Boise State University and the Artistic Director of Critical Mass Vocal Artists. In addition to his service to NWACDA, Dr. Porter serves on the Editorial Board for the Choral Journal. He also contributes often to the Choral Journal’s Sound Review column and to the Choral Scholar’s Score Review area. Dr. Porter is most excited to create meaningful and engaging experiences for NWACDA's future educators-conductors. When Dr. Porter is not in front of a choir—or buried in a score—he enjoys spending time with his amazing wife, Amanda, and spirited daughter, Betty June.

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