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Giselle Wyers

Giselle Wyers

Session 6

Friday March 11th - 9:45am

Kintsugi Choir: A “How-to” Group Composition Primer

Session Description

The choral world has survived a great existential crisis- how can we create when we cannot be together? As we heal and move into a “new normal,” we all seek novel ways of facilitating—rather than dictating—how artistry occurs in the classroom, situating students at the center. Giselle Wyers, Angela Kasper and the singers from WWU Advanced Treble Chorale describe their experience co-creating a choral work during the height of Covid and sing the work for participants. Ethan Chessin will share techniques explored alongside high school students to utilize new technologies collaboratively, leading to a full length experimental sound art album. Participants attending this session should come ready to do their own co-creating on the spot in a supportive, encouraging atmosphere!

Clinician Bio

Giselle Wyers is Professor of Choral Studies and Voice at the University of Washington, where she conducts the University Chorale and teaches courses in choral conducting and choral music education. In addition to Wyers’ active schedule as a guest conductor in the United States, Canada, and Europe, she has composed over 30 choral works, often on themes related to the environment. Commissions for her music have been wide ranging, including works for European and American community, college and high school choruses.

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