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Derrick McDuffey

Derrick McDuffey

Session 6

Friday March 11th - 9:45am

RSS High School: Gospel Music for Everyone

Session Description

Gospel choirs arose out of a history and culture that are both vital for understanding the role that music plays in public life. Join us for a dive into the essential repertoire of gospel music, alongside a presentation on the history and performance practice of the genre. For secular and academic choirs, we will include tips on how to responsibly engage with practitioners of gospel music.

Clinician Bio

Minister Derrick McDuffey has been an active gospel choir conductor, church music director, school music teacher, and minister in Portland, OR since 1995. Not satisfied to just be a choir director, Minister McDuffey and his wife have acted as Overseers for the members of their choirs, holding them to a standard of spiritual excellence and forming a family that worships, prays and grows together. His choirs have been blessed to share the stage with Ted & Sheri, Josh Groban, Steve Lawrence, Steven Hurd, JJ Hariston and Dr Judith MacAllister and many other local and national artists.

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