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David Langley

David Langley

Session 7

Friday March 11th - 2:00pm

Putting the Heart Back in Choral Recruiting and Retention; Considering Singers’ Motivation

Session Description

Teaching and directing choirs through the pandemic has brought about a new understanding of the social and psychological benefits of music making, in particular the importance on community building, musical friendships, and singer empowerment. This has caused many directors to rethink approaches to recruitment and retention by considering those driving forces that bring singers into our choirs, as well as the motivation that keeps them involved. This session will include information on motivation, effective goal setting, and practical applications. Come and join the discussion on how we can target our recruiting/retention techniques for the needs of 21st century singers!

Clinician Bio

David W. Langley is Associate Professor of Music Education and Associate Director of Choral Activities at Georgia Southern University. His duties include supervising student teachers, teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in music education, as well as directing the University Singers. Prior to his appointment, Langley taught P-12 music and chorus for thirteen years. A native of Smyrna, Georgia, Langley holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in music education from the University of Georgia, as well as the Ph.D. in Teaching and Learning (Music Education) from Georgia State University. Langley is currently in his second term on the Editorial Advisory Committee for the Music Educators Journal. He has presented research at numerous state, national, and international conferences and offers professional development workshops for school districts.

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