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David Gardner

David Gardner

Session 8

Saturday March 12th - 1:30pm

RSS: Music in Worship: Honoring One Another

Session Description

In 2016, the members of three Seattle-area Churches, one predominantly African American, one predominantly Chinese American, and one predominantly white, began building intentional relationships with one another. In the process, their choirs explored ways to work together and ways to serve each other. By sharing leadership and combining their resources, they found ways to honor one another’s cultures through music. Come hear the story from some of the directors involved and learn how you can build similar relationships between choirs in your community.

Clinician Bio

David B. Gardner, DMA has conducted college, community, and church choirs for more than three decades, and since 2014 has served as the Director of Worship and the Arts at University Presbyterian Church in Seattle, WA. He holds degrees from Seattle Pacific University, Western Seminary, and The University of Arizona. David is a Past President of the Kansas Choral Directors Association, and he brings a passion for helping singers of all ages to perform at their very best in the context of Music in Worship.

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