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Angela Kasper

Angela Kasper

Session 5

Friday March 11th - 8:30am

Collaborations with Culture Bearers

Session Description

This session demonstrates the gifts that culture bearers bring to our choral rehearsals as we work to diversify our choral repertoire and enrich our choristers’ understanding of cultures and musical traditions from around the globe. Throughout this academic year, Western Washington University’s Advanced Treble Chorale has collaborated with three culture bearers from different countries. At this session, our choir and our culture bearers will be present to give demonstrations, discuss their experiences, and provide a template for other directors who wish to bring experts into their own choral rehearsal rooms.

Clinician Bio

Angela Kasper (formerly Broeker) serves on the faculty at Western Washington University where she teaches three choirs and undergraduate courses in global choral music and choral methods. Guest conducting engagements include honor choirs for the Eastern, Southern, Southwestern, North Central, Central, and Northwestern ACDA Region Conferences, the ACDA National Conference in Salt Lake City, numerous engagements in Asia, South America, and the Middle East, and all-state choirs in over 40 states. Dr. Kasper is rediscovering and redefining for herself what makes a meaningful choral experience and how best to place this evolving view at the center of her work with her own choirs and her professional development work.

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