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Yelling Choir

Yelling Choir will perform a 15-20 minute original collaborative composition incorporating movement and voice. We will then provide a 5-10 minute description and demonstration of extended vocal yelling techniques and our rehearsal process and philosophy.

Choir Bio

Yelling Choir is a femme and nonbinary performance group that reimagines voice, presence, gender, and power. Our intention is to provide an experience of empowerment and voice on a core level, in our bodies. We explore claiming space, getting big, and reworking expectations of expression, using collaboration, movement, and voice (including but not limited to yelling).
Rehearsals incorporate play and nervous system regulation exercises in addition to extended vocal technique. We use social interaction, breath, voice, and movement to help regulate as well as express emotions.
Community building and finding our individual and collective creative voices is a central part of our mission. Our performances are original compositions which strive to incorporate contributions from all the choir participants.

Conductor Bio
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Maxx Katz is a multi-instrumentalist and composer whose work simultaneously uses vocabulary from metal, jazz, classical, free improvisation, and performance. A classically trained flutist with an M.A. in Critical and Comparative Studies in Music from the University of Virginia, she has toured extensively in experimental bands across the U.S. and Europe. She uses primarily flute, electric guitar, and voice in a restless negotiation of the limits of communication. She composes work for ongoing ensembles including Yelling Choir, Floom, and Ixnay.

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