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Youth Choir Artistic Director


The Artistic Director oversees and coordinates all aspects of the Oregon Repertory Singers Youth Choir Music Education Program. This includes: program vision and execution, singer and family recruitment and retention, creating engaging and purposeful rehearsals, developing and conducting concert performances, supervision of youth choir staff, and oversight of the music education instruction. The Artistic Director is a key position within ORS and is also active in promoting ORS in the community, supporting ORS fundraising, and supporting community engagement.

Position Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

1. Recruitment. Conduct educational and community outreach to attract new students to the ORS youth programs. Build relationships with partner organizations that can bring students from underserved populations into the program. Work with ED to create marketing materials and website content to promote the program.

2. Retention and engagement. Communicate regularly with students and families about the program. Build a community among the participating families that values the program and can help to sustain it. Facilitate communication about the program between participating families and ORS staff & board.

3. Performance. Agree with the ED on a set of performance opportunities for students in the program. Select, rehearse and perform age- and skill-appropriate repertoire for each.

4. Music education. Develop, deliver and document a vocal music curriculum that is age appropriate and provides musicianship education to students in the program.

5. Staffing. Recruit, direct and evaluate a team of music educators to meet performance and music education goals. When needed, recruit musicians to support YC performances.

6. Administration. Develop the YC program and budget structure. Work with ED to achieve program goals within budget constraints. Support fundraising and grant writing activities for the YC program. Work with ORS staff to ensure that student registration, tuition payments, facilities rentals, and other administrative tasks are accomplished successfully.

Experience and Qualifications


  • Hold and maintain a current, unrestricted educator license in the state of Oregon or Washington

  • Document at least three years of successful choral music education experience

  • Demonstrate skills in teaching, conducting and rehearsing youth singers

  • Provide evidence of experience in budgeting, planning, and implementing a choral music program

  • Demonstrate written and verbal skills in English, bilingual skills preferred

Competencies and Qualities

  • Demonstrate the recognition and worth of all singers, respecting each individual student

  • Promote inclusive and equitable learning opportunities, with a commitment to reach underserved communities

  • Demonstrate professional behaviors and judgments, accountability, and strong work ethic

  • Commit to meeting deadlines to be determined through collaboration with the ED.

  • Show flexibility, creativity, and adaptability to various work environments, balancing team-work and leadership responsibilities.

  • Demonstrate commitment to the performing arts, choral arts, music education, and nonprofit administration.

  • Good sense of humor, energy, patience, maturity and self-discipline.

Interested candidates should send the following documents to with the subject line as follows, “Youth Choir Artistic Director: Your Name”:

  1. Resume

  2. Cover letter

  3. Three (3) letters of references

  4. A link to a private channel (YouTube, Vimeo, other) containing video examples of your work in performance and instruction (not to exceed 15 minutes)

  5. A one-page Statement on Equitable Practice in the Classroom

No calls please.

We will begin reviewing applications on Monday, June 7. All applications will be due by Friday, June 11 at 5 pm PDT.


Oregon Repertory Singers | PO Box 445, Gladstone, OR 97027 | 503-230-0652

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