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Social Justice community in choir Artistic Director

Spectrum Singers, a social justice oriented intergenerational community choir in Spokane which emphasizes LGBTQ+ visibility and equality, is seeking an artistic director. The job details and more about Spectrum Singers can be found here.


Position Summary

Spectrum Singers seeks a part-time (average of 5 hours per week) Artistic Director/Conductor (AD). The Artistic Director’s primary job is to design a musical program that aligns with the choir’s mission, facilitate learning of that music, and conduct performances that bring that artistic vision to life. The AD is also a member of the leadership team, serving as a non-voting member of the board of directors. This position is for a 10-month contract, which can renew on an annual basis.

About Spectrum Singers

Spectrum Singers is a diverse, intergenerational (including youth), all voices (SATB), volunteer, non-auditioned community choir in Spokane, WA. Its membership is about 60 singers aged 14-75 and representing many aspects of diversity. Spectrum Singers is purposeful about being a safe space for people in gender and sexual minority populations and embracing members of all ages, races, religions, socioeconomic backgrounds, disability status, and other groups. The formal mission statement of Spectrum Singers is: Through the power of song, we empower and unite the community, amplify diverse voices, and serve as a catalyst for positive social change.

In addition to being a diverse choir that creates wonderful music in formal concerts, Spectrum Singers participates in community events to fight for social justice and bring diverse populations together. In the past, these community events have included the Spokane AIDS Walks, LGBTQ+ Pride Festival, Women’s March, and MLK Jr. Day Rally, as well as holiday caroling at low-income housing and senior centers.

Spectrum Singers is a proud member of the GALA Choruses, an organization of over 190 LGBTQ+ choirs who envision “A world where all voices are free.”

For more information about us, please visit our website:, and see our bio on the GALA website:



Provide musical leadership, including:

  • Choose repertoire and artistic vision for two major concerts per year. Concerts shall be 60-90 minutes in length and occur in the fall/winter season and the spring/summer season.

  • Conduct weekly 2-hour rehearsals during the 12-16 weeks of each season.

  • Conduct one all-day retreat per season.

  • Conduct two major concerts and several small community concerts throughout the rehearsal season.

  • Collaborate with the Spectrum Singers pianist throughout the season.

  • Assist in facilitating sectional rehearsals and answer section leader questions as needed.

  • AD is not responsible for leading or arranging sectionals and will play a support role for existing section leaders.

  • Ensure that all musical endeavors are inclusive of all people and all identities.

Participate in organizational leadership, including:

  • Attend monthly board meetings to help with the logistical organization of performances, purchasing of music, and other artistic considerations. Other considerations may include venue, attire, concert programs, and more.

  • Communicate regularly with appropriate board members.

  • Enroll in and engage with relevant networks such as the GALA Listserv. Use these resources tobolster programming, diversity, and more, as appropriate.

Position Requirements

  • Education and practical experience in choral directing and leadership.

  • Strongly preferred: Master’s degree in choral leadership with an educational concentration; BA or BM possible with substantive field experience.

  • Experienced with diverse choral groups that include youth and adults, as well as experienced and inexperienced choral members.

  • Demonstrated knowledge of and experience programming a wide array of repertoire, notably regarding the struggle of minority populations.

  • Strong communication skills.

  • Ability to pass a criminal background check.


  • Salary – Spectrum Singers will provide a negotiable annual (10-month contract) salary commensurate with experience. This contract is for one year and is renewable upon mutual agreement with the AD and the board of directors.

  • Professional Development – Once a year, Spectrum Singers will provide funding for the AD to attend one conference that focuses on choral performance and diversity. Historically this has been the GALA Leadership Symposium, though the AD may propose a different choral diversity conference that will serve to increase the cultural growth of Spectrum Singers.

Application Instructions

The priority application deadline is July 20th, 2021, though the position will remain open until filled. To apply for Artistic Director position, please send your cover letter, resume, references, as well as a brief artistic sample (video is preferred, if possible) to

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask by contacting the above email address!

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