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Managing Director - Tacoma Youth Chorus

Tacoma Youth Chorus, an outstanding choral program for youth in the Greater Puget Sound area. The organization is hiring a Managing Director with a planned start date of June 2022.

Tacoma Youth Chorus is an auditioned choral arts education program that provides artistic development of musically talented youth through disciplined vocal training and the performance of quality choral literature. The Artistic Director and Founder of the organization is Judith Herrington. TYC is composed of five choirs for singers in grades 2-12 from communities throughout the South Puget Sound region. The program emphasizes the development of vocal and musical skills and provides high-quality performance experiences. Tacoma Youth Chorus is an inclusive and welcoming community. Scholarships are available for any singer with demonstrated need. The organization has provided vibrant choral experiences to South Puget Sound youth for 32 years.

This is a wonderful local non-profit organization that has at its core serving young people in their musical journey.

The Managing Director will support Tacoma Youth Chorus in fulfilling its mission of “transforming the lives of youth through choral artistry and the ensemble experience”, upholding its values, leading institutional growth, and achieving its commitment to diversity. This person will manage day-to-day operations, as well as the strategic direction, marketing, fundraising, and financial operation of the organization.

The successful candidate will be skilled in relating well to others and in managing relationships. They should have strong writing and speaking skills, as well as good organizational and planning skills. They will need to have the ability to take initiative and work independently. Additionally, they will understand the importance of performing arts experiences for young people.

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