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Northwestern Region ACDA 2022 Conference 

Updated Masking, COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Requirements

NW ACDA Conference decisions about COVID policies have been guided by COVID Conference Guidance adopted by the ACDA National Board in October, following policies at the national (CDC), state (Washington Department of Health), regional (Spokane Regional Health District), and local venue levels. NW ACDA has reevaluated and slightly revised policies based on updates at all four levels.

Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination or Negative Test:
Honor Choir Students
Conference Participants (Registrants, Performers, Choirs, Presenters)

The requirement to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination or negative test for large public indoor gatherings was removed on March 1. We recognize that our Honor Choir students and ACDA members registered for the Conference with the understanding that all members participating would be vaccinated or COVID-negative, in line with our November 2021 policy. In addition, Honor Choirs and Conference participants spend extended periods in small spaces together. For these reasons, the requirement to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination or negative test remains in place for Honor Choir Participants and Conference Registrants.

PARTICIPANT UPDATE: Serial Antigen Testing Acceptable for Registrants, Performers,
and Presenters

We also recognize the challenge of securing PCR tests within the required timeline in certain areas. Based on verified scientific studies, rapid antigen tests taken in succession at least twice per week are “equally effective in detecting infection,” approaching 98% effectiveness in an NIH study. With this in mind, Honor Choir and Conference participants may provide 2 negative serial antigen tests as
acceptable proof.


  • Serial Antigen Testing requires at least two tests, taken at least 36 hours apart, with the last 
    time preferably as close to time of registration as possible.

  • Proof will need to include a dated photo (smartphone) with participant’s name visible in the image (either with ID or handwritten next to test result).

In line with the updated WA DOH and local venue requirements, proof of vaccination or negative COVID test will not be required for public audience members attending one of the seven concert sessions. This is due to the shorter duration, large venue spaces and HVAC circulation, and often rotating audiences. This includes the Honor Choir Concert on Saturday, March 12.

Masking Requirements Remain in Effect
The updated WA masking requirements go into effect mid-conference on March 11, 11:59 pm, but masking is required through March 21 for at least one of our venues. All honor choir participants, conference attendees, performing choirs, and audience members will be required to wear a well-fitting mask covering mouth and nose. In line with WA performer guidance, speakers, conductors, and
soloists may remove their masks when distanced from others.

Acceptable Forms of COVID Vaccination or Negative Test:
Honor Choir Students
Conference Participants (Registrants, Performers, Choirs, Presenters)

Conference attendees, presenters, staff, and performing choirs must be 1) fully vaccinated, 2) provide
proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken within 72 hours prior to attending the conference, or 3)
provide proof of two or more negative COVID-19 rapid antigen tests, taken at least 36 hours apart.

  • Attendees, presenters, and staff will need to present your proof of vaccination or negative test 
    results upon check-in at the registration area in order to receive your badge.

  • Acceptable forms of proof of vaccination include:

    • Your physical vaccination card/PCR results/Serial Antigen results

    • A picture of your vaccination card/PCR results/Serial Antigen results

    • A digital vaccination record/PCR results/Serial Antigen results

  • Your medical information will not be collected or stored by the conference.

  • "Fully vaccinated" means you have had your second vaccine dose at least 14 days prior to the conference start.

  • Masks will continue to be required per current CDC guidance that all people, vaccinated or unvaccinated, wear masks while in public spaces. Masks must be well fitting and cover mouth and nose.

  • Performing Choirs (Concert Sessions, Discovery Sessions, Demonstration, Combined Collegiate, and Combined Lifelong Choirs) will still complete the attestation form for their ensemble and present to the site manager or registration desk upon arrival.

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