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Call for Interest Sessions

NW ACDA invites applications for Interest Sessions for our 2022 Conference, “Hearts All Whole.”

Applications open March 22, 2021 

We seek to offer unique and timely sessions in all of ACDA’s Repertoire and Resources areas: Youth,
Collegiate, Lifelong, and Repertoire-Specific Choirs (Jazz, SA Choirs, TB Choirs, World Musics & Cultures).

The NW ACDA Board will review submissions with an aim to promote diverse choral representation and
engaging presentation styles. Sessions are 55 minutes long. Priority will be given to proposals that:


  • Engage with aspects of diversity, equity, and belonging in choral music;

  • Incorporate practical, “hands-on,” experiential elements (rather than lecture-only sessions);

  • Demonstrate concepts, processes, or repertoire (such as with one or more singers or a demonstration choir).

Application Deadline: June 1, 2021

Submission Process

Due June 1, 11:59 pm PDT

Applicants are encouraged to submit materials early to avoid technology delays.

Apply at Interest Session Proposal Submissions. Application information includes:

  • Session title

  • Session description (125 words)

  • Target audience (Repertoire & Resource category)

  • Anticipated equipment/setup needs

  • Demonstration choir information (if applicable: requested ensemble type or recording)

  • Presenter bio (125 words)

  • Headshot (300 dpi or higher image)

Presenter Commitment & Eligibility

Presenters assume financial responsibility for travel, lodging, and conference registration. Submitting an application indicates that the presenter is prepared to travel to and present at the conference if selected. Interest session presenters must be current active, student, life, retired, or international members of ACDA. Membership may not expire on or before the last day of the 2022 conference (March 12, 2022).

Demonstration Choirs

​Demonstration choirs are usually selected from those that audition as Performing Choirs. Ensembles are assigned to an interest session if a demonstration choir is required/desired by the presenter. Sessions that incorporate a demonstration choir or ensemble are encouraged to apply in order to offer experiential, innovative sessions.

However, If an interest session presenter prefers to use a specific choir for demonstration, this must be stated in the application, and a recording of the choir must be submitted with the interest session application.

Application Results will be emailed to applicants by June 30, 2021

Proposal questions? Contact NW ACDA President-Elect Steven Zielke:

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