Northwestern ACDA Warmly Welcomes you to

“Hearts All Whole”

Our regional conference in Spokane, Washington, March 9-12, 2022

Conference Registration Opens Thursday, October 7, 2021


Gathering choral conductors, composers, students, and teachers from across our six-state region, we will celebrate our return to singing together and the ways in which choral music can be a healing, bridge-building art form.

Our theme comes from James Agee’s poem, Sure on This Shining Night. Even in the midst of this past year’s figurative night—of the pandemic, of striving to create more equitable systems and practices, of the discord in our nation—choral music can be a place in which “All is healed, all is health.” Composer Morten Lauridsen will be a guiding presence in this spirit as our headliner. We open the conference with Edith Copley conducting a combined-collegiate-choirs performance of his Lux aeterna, a piece that invites us to remember those we have lost and also look to the future with hope. We will close the conference with an all-conference sing of Lauridsen’s Sure on This Shining Night, with the composer himself at the piano as we sing.

Our NW community gatherings are rich in offerings and meaningful in connections because you contribute your passion and energy. We call upon you to submit applications to appear as a Performing Choir (due June 1) and to present an Interest Session (due June 1). Note that due to the pandemic, applications for Performing Choirs require fewer materials in the past: we recognize that our conference will be celebrating the rebuilding of choral programs and heartily encourage everyone to apply.

We also call members to recommend choirs for our new “Getting to the Heart" Discovery Sessions (Nominations due May 1) which will celebrate rehearsal and collaborative processes, innovation, equitable community-building, and mission. For all conductors of university, community college, and technical school choirs, we encourage you and your choir to be part of the Combined Collegiate Choirs opening performance of Lux aeterna (Register to attend the required informational meeting on April 7, 6 pm).

Visit our www.nwacda.org website for regular updates about Honor Choirs, commissioned music, conference events, Repertoire Spotlight Sessions, the conducting master class, performing venues, COVID procedures, accommodations, and your visit to beautiful Spokane.