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Call for Performing Choirs:

Conference Concert Sessions

NW ACDA invites applications for Performing Choirs for our 2022 Conference, “Hearts All Whole.”

Applications open March 22, 2021 

We seek to represent all of ACDA’s Repertoire and Resources areas (Youth, Collegiate, Lifelong, and
Repertoire-Specific Choirs) with a diverse and broad representation of choirs in the post-pandemic
resurgence of choral music among all ages and specializations.

NW ACDA acknowledges the challenges to singing in choral ensembles since March 2020 due to the
pandemic. Our 2022 conference celebrates building choral ensembles and encourages a wide variety of conductors and choral leaders to submit applications to perform at the conference, ranging from
children’s to lifelong community choirs, from formal and educational ensembles to non-traditional choirs. Applications will require two (rather than three) recordings.

A blind screening panel will assess submissions based on audio recordings and choir demographic
information to ensure a broad representation of ages, voicings, settings, cultural backgrounds, and
repertoire. Choirs that focus on diverse repertoire or underrepresented composers are encouraged to
identify this in the choir information response, particularly if recordings do not represent this.

Application Deadline: June 1, 2021

Application Materials

Due June 1, 11:59 pm PDT

Applicants are encouraged to submit materials early to avoid technology delays.

  • Two audio recordings: unedited live performance or unedited live studio (audio only)
    Note: no virtual choir submissions, please. A separate virtual choir showcase will be offered.

    • 1 recording from 2018-2019

    • 1 recording from 2019-2020 or 2020-2021

  • Two PDF Programs or Performance Repertoire Lists

    • 1 program from 2018-2019

    • 1 program from 2019-2020 or 2020-2021

  • Choir Demographic & Repertoire Information

    • Choir demographic questionnaire

    • Choir mission and repertoire focus (if applicable)

Conductor & Ensemble Eligibility

  • ACDA Membership: Conductor(s) must be current active, life, or international members of ACDA. Membership may not expire on or before the last day of the 2022 conference (March 12, 2022).

  • Ensemble Leadership: the ensemble’s director must have been in the position since fall 2018.

  • Consecutive Conferences: No ensemble or director may appear as Performing Choirs at consecutive Region conferences. Choirs and directors who performed during the 2020 ACDA Northwest Region Conference are not eligible to apply for performance in 2022.

    • Exception: Directors or ensembles that appeared as a demonstration choir are exempt from this rule.

  • The Conference Program Chair (Region President-elect) and Conference Chair (Region President) are not allowed to apply for performance.

Two Recordings

  • Two recordings should represent the choir’s performances over the past three years:

    • 1 recording from 2018-2019

    • 1 recording from 2019-2020 or 2020-2021

  • Submissions must feature live, unedited recordings by the same conductor(s) and ensemble

    • Reminder: no virtual choir submissions, please.

  • Recordings may not be enhanced or engineered in any way.

  • All recordings will be uploaded in MP3 format.

  • No recorded accompaniment may be used in any recording.

  • Recordings should include complete pieces. If a longer work must be excerpted, up to five (5)
    minutes may be devoted to it on the MP3. Excerpting a longer work is the only edit permitted.

  • The total length of the two recordings should be no more than ten (10) minutes.

Eligibility for Co-Conducted Ensembles

Co-conductors submit one application. Two recordings will be submitted through this application, one led by each conductor. Co-Conductors of a choir may submit an application to perform together if:

  • Both conductors are members of ACDA and have conducted this ensemble since Fall 2018

  • Both conductors share an equal or similar role as the shaper of the ensemble

  • Recordings are equally representative of both conductors' work with the ensemble

Two Past Programs (PDF)

​Applicants will upload two PDF programs or repertoire lists that are representative of your choir’s live performances from the past three academic years: one from 2018-2019 and one from 2019-20 or 2020-21. Longer documents may be abridged (e.g., eliminating advertisements, donor lists, etc.), but all programs should indicate the date of performance, selections performed, and the conductor. Programs from co-conducted ensembles must clearly show that both have an equal or similar role in performance with the specific ensemble.

Audition Results will be emailed to applicants by June 30, 2021

Questions? Contact NW ACDA President-Elect Steven Zielke:

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