The "Back to the Future" NWACDA Conference Choir

Dr. Ken Fulton, Conductor

The "Back to the Future" Choir directed by Dr. Ken Fulton, is an opportunity to celebrate our legacy—indeed, our story!—in song.


College conductors in the NW Region will be invited to nominate a quartet of music education students. These students will sing as the core of our ensemble. They will be joined by their current college conductor and will invite a mentor, someone who inspired them to pursue choral art as their profession, to sing. The choir will then represent past mentorship, current instruction, and the future of our profession—Back to the Future!


Dr. Ken Fulton, Professor Emeritus at Louisiana State University, will conduct the choir and a chamber ensemble in the performance. College conductors interested in nominating students  received information in September. Contact Dr. Brian Galante, if you have questions.


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