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Singing in Alaska!
by Rebecca Rhodes, President, Alaska ACDA

RhodesChoir music is alive and well in Alaska. Across the many miles, schools, churches, and community groups are regularly performing and growing.  Recently, the Alaska Chamber Singers, Anchorage Concert Chorus, Alaska Children’s Choir and the Anchorage Symphony performed Carmina Burana with a wonderful reception.  These groups, along with the Northland Children’s Choir, the Alaska Youth Choir, and Alaska Sound Celebration are just some of the active singing organizations in our state.

The schools in Alaska are also starting off the fall with song.  Hundreds of high school singers just auditioned for our All-State honor choir festival coming up in November. 

One topic of interest in the Anchorage School District this year is the idea of having area choir festivals.  Many of us have regional festivals, and we all have the opportunity to go to All-State, but rarely do we partner vertically, with feeder schools in our community.  I would encourage you to contact the other music teachers and choir directors in your area in high school, middle school, and elementary school to discuss ways to collaborate. This may mean having a group visit another school for a concert.  Or perhaps learning the same repertoire and joining for a large concert.  You may even want to share an evening concert.  I have had the pleasure of partnering with an elementary school near the high school where I teach for two years and sharing an evening concert.  The students, both secondary and primary enjoy getting to see other singers, encourage one another, and learn from the event.  Plus, it is a wonderful recruitment opportunity.

As members of AkCDA, please check the NW ACDA website’s Alaska link regularly.  Let me know if there are announcements or topics of interest you would like to share. 

Mark your calendars and make your plans for the AMEA conference in January. NWACDA is co-sponsoring Dr. Russ Robinson and it is sure to be an inspiring event.  Stay connected with your colleagues – even across the frozen miles – we are joined through our love of singing. 

I also urge Alaska ACDA members to attend the NW ACDA Divisional Convention. It will be held February 20-23, 2008 and it's in Vancouver, B. C. Find information on the NW website.

We are looking for a President-Elect for next year. Please let me know if you are interested or have a nomination. (Email)

My best to you for a great year.