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logoWhile the 2016 conference is now history, we are so grateful to all those who led the way in making this event so smooth, so strong, and so full of well-prepared magnificent choirs sharing such beautiful music with us. Our thanks to President Patrick Ryan and President-Elect and Program Chair, Nicole Lamartine, our Treasurer, Carol Stewart-Smith, and our Honor Choir Chair, Amy Ballard. But as these people will attest, the list of those making this conference a success is long. We treasure you all. And thanks to all of you who were able to attend INSPIRE-2016.

Here is a complete summary of the conference including photos. We hope you will enjoy this synopsis of 2016's inspiring event in Seattle.

START HERE - Conference overview HERE
Performing choirs - photos and bios of choirs and conductors HERE
Interest Sessions - photos and topics HERE

PHOTOS of Honor Choirs - THIS LINK is still good even after the conference. It is provided for those who would like to order a group photo of your choir. You may still order by using the order form in your music packet if you wish. For a bit closer photo, tell the photographer, Mr. Rockwin where you stood in the choir. As you faced the audience where you on the the far right, center right, center left, or far left?


We'll leave the following 2016 conference information online as a reference for the next few months.



2016 Divisional Conference for March 3-6 in Seattle

Overview of the conference HERE
Performing choirs photos and bios of choirs and conductors HERE
Opening night (Thursday) features the incredible Beijing Harmonia conducted by Lingfen Wu, as well as Central Washington University's Chamber Choir conducted by Dr. Gary Weidenaar. MORE INFO HERE

The complete conference schedule can be found HERE (updated February 27 - large PDF file, allow time for download)
Interest Session photos of presenters and topics HERE
Conducting Masterclass application form HERE

  VOCES 8 Concert Information (Friday, March 4 at 7:30 pm Town Hall)  
  Those registered for the conference will be issued a single ticket for admittance in the registration packet. The general public, performing choir members and honor choir members and chaperones need to buy a ticket. You may buy your ticket online (via the link below), at the conference registration desk, or at the door (if tickets are still available that night).  
 You will receive a confirmation of your purchase from PayPal. You may pick up your tickets at "Will Call" at Town Hall at 7:00 p.m.


Registration and Housing

Register for the conference HERE

  Arrange for housing HERE  


Exhibitor Information

Ads and Exhibits Form HERE
Floorplan for Exhibits HERE
Exhibitors Kit with Important Info HERE
Exhibitor hours are: Friday, March 4 - 8:30 to 3:30, All-Conference Happy Hour reception in the Exhibition Hall sponsored by Sechrist Travel will be from 5-7pm
Saturday, March 5 - 8:30 to 1 pm



For further information please contact Patrick Ryan, President


Honor Choirs

Acceptance Letter (must read) HERE (Includes Liability Waiver Form, Medical Permission Form, Housing and Conduct Information, and schedules for each honor choir)
Link to Sheraton Hotel for housing HERE
Directors may login to OpusEvent for payment online HERE

Children's Honor Choir - Accepted singers HERE
Youth Honor Choir - Accepted singers HERE
Women's Honor Choir - Accepted singers HERE
Men's Honor Choir - Accepted singers HERE
Jazz Honor Choir - Accepted singers HERE

If you are chosen for one of the honor choirs, THIS LINK is provided for those who would like to order a group photo of your choir. You will also receive a photo order form along with your music packet and may order using that form.