muehleisen-kyrNorthwest composers provide a rich source for literature performed at the conference

If you attended every concert, including the "Jazz Night" event and the "Interfaith Music in Worship Service," you heard about 170 songs at the NW ACDA conference from Thursday afternoon, March 15 to Sunday, March 18 where we concluded with the Honor Choir concerts.

Around 15% of the choral literature used by the choirs of the conference was composed or arranged by northwest composers.

Several of these composers had more than one song programmed.

Here is a complilation of names of northwest composers and arrangers (hoping we've missed no one): Eric Banks, Dan Davison, Marc Hafso, Bern Herbolsheimer, Judy Herrington, Jeff Horenstein, Ken Kraintz, Robert Kyr, Anne Lyman, John Muehleisen, Richard Nance, Michael Saunders, Standford Scriven, Vijay Singh, Ethan Sperry, Joan Szymko, Karen Thomas, Reg Unterseher, Norm Wallen, and Giselle Wyers.