xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx February 3, 2013
Shining that halo

by Paul Olson, President, Idaho ACDA
Just finished a day of Drivers Education re-fresher training. It's just one of the things we do to stay in our real

During the day a few of us were talking about what it would be like to have parents riding along on the last drive to see what abilities their progeny display behind the wheel...or not. While others might have a few doubts about their talent or performance, very often (according to our morning speaker), the parent's view is, "Hey, not my child...I just adjusted their halo this morning!"

I smiled broadly when I heard this line.  I will use it fondly for the rest of my choir career. 

But then I thought back to students who started in my middle school music classes. They were shy, outgoing, scared, confident, immature, eager beavers, well rounded, sad, heavy laden with life, happy go lucky, talented, beginners. 

Last week I attended a musical at the high school into which my school feeds.  What a treat to see former students performing so well in the "Music Man."

I remembered when "Harold Hill" joined my junior high choir, wondering if he could make the audition, but now singing out (with vibrato), acting, and dancing up a storm. 
music man

And then there were the four boys I put in quartets just hoping they could sing four parts. They since formed their own barbershop quartet during high school and nailed "Lida Rose" and "Good Night Ladies." I couldn't have been prouder. 

I remember judging a beautiful solo sung by a shy sixth grade girl who then joined my choir in seventh grade and was now a convincing "Marian, the Librarian." 

Tears welled up when they stood on the bridge and sang "Till There Was You." 

Who knows what will happen to the charges we are given and allowed to work with! We tend a musical garden, planting, nurturing, watching the buds, hoping to see them blossom and grow.  Enjoying the beauty and fragrance of their success makes teaching music so worthwhile. 

May your students' halos shine bright.