Male Chorus - Literature List
(The following titles were borrowed from a list found on Michigan ACDA's website. Thanks Michigan!)

Ev'ry Night When the Sun Goes down, arr. D. Shawn Berry, TB, piano, Santa Barbara, SBMP 509
Say, Dear, Will You Not Have Me?, Thomas Morley, ed. Jim Leininger, TBB, Alliance, AMP 0486
All Ye Who Music Love, Balthazar Donato, arr. Porterfield, TBB, Hal Leonard 08741094
A-Rovin, Ron Jeffeers, TB, earthsongs
This We Know, Ron Jeffers, TBB, earthsongs
And I'll Kiss Thee Yet, Jackie O'Neil, TB, SBMP 115
Cantate Domino, Nancy Hill Cobb, TB, SBMP 282
How Can I Keep From Singing, arr. Scott Farthing, TTB, SBMP 408
Red is the Rose, Robert Sieving, TTB, SBMP 795
Cover Me with the Night, Andrea Ramsey, TTB, Alliance, AMP 0766
She Walks in Beauty, Laura Farnell, TB, AMP 0547
Soldier's Elegy, Michael C. Kregler, TB, Walton, HL8501486
Laudate Dominum, Don Davison, TB, HL08501714
Find the Cost of Freedom, Stephen Stills, arr. Nick Page, TTB, HL08201987
I am a Roamer Bold, Mendelssohn, arr. Spevacek, TB, SBMP 465
Sing for Joy, Handel, arr. Spevacek, TB, Heritage, LO.15-1585H


Barb'ra Allen, Randall Gill, TTBB piano, Santa Barbara Music Publishing 1826866
Who is He in Yonder Stall?, Robert Young, TTBB a cappella, Colla Voce 55-54302
Kitty of Coleraine, arr. Daniel McDavitt, TTBB 4-hand piano, Walton Choral WW1440
For the Fallen, Mike Sammes, TTBB piano, Banks Music ECS 214
Whistle, Maggie, Whistle, arr. David Stocker, TTBB piano, G. Schirmer 12414 (Hal Leonard 50322380)
The Star of the County Down, arr. Douglas Wagner, TBB piano, Alfred AL.00-SVM05045
Streets of Laredo, arr. Merrliee Webb, TBB piano, Santa Barbara Music Publishing SBMP 77
Praise His Holy Name, Keith Hampton, TTB, earthsongs
Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind, Horatio Parker, TTBB, earthsongs
Red is the Rose, Robert Sieving, TTB, SBMP 795
Love is Here to Stay, Walter L. Pelz, TTBB, Morningstar, MN50-9753
Crossing the Bar, Gwyneth Walker, TTBB, ECS 6609
The Stars are with the Voyager, ELeanor Daley, TTBB, Rhythmic Trident Publishing, RTCA 003
Back to Ethiopia, arr. Paul Rardin, TTBB, SBMP POD155
Hol' Your Hand, arr. Paul Rardin, TTBB, SBMP123