Life lessons and the power of healing through choral music not lost on Taylor Iverson; chooses choral music as a career

iversonWhen I was growing up, people would ask me what I wanted to be when I was older. I had aspirations of becoming a priest, lawyer, school counselor, all careers that involve working with people.

I knew I loved music, singing to be exact. I was exposed to music at a young age, singing in church choir, the Oregon Repertory Singers, and playing the clarinet in my middle school band.

When I got older, I realized that I could combine my passion for music with my aspiration to work with people and pursue a career as a music teacher. My dad is a choir director and has taught in public schools and as the director of our church choir my whole life. Seeing my dad teach and being a part of his choir has shown me how this career impacts the choir members, listeners, and the director.

I am pursuing a career in the choral art because choral music has been the ultimate source of healing in my life. As I have grown up, choral music has been my outlet in times of trial, making choir the most safe and stable place to express myself and feel like my presence was needed for the success of the entire group.

Participating in choral ensembles from a very young age has taught me valuable lessons on leadership, group collaboration, and the importance of hard work in efforts to reach a goal. These lessons have been applicable in all aspects of my life, proving how participation in the choral art can be beneficial in ways beyond the music.

By pursuing a career in choral music education, I have the opportunity to share these life lessons and the power of healing that music has with my students everyday, and I could not think of a more rewarding way to spend my life.

Introduction to Taylor Iverson, our student representative to the NWACDA board
My name is Taylor Iverson and I am a junior at Western Washington University working towards a Bachelor's degree in Music Education. I will graduate in fall of 2016 certified to teach P-12 choral and general music, along with a TESOL certification.

I am an active member of ACDA, NAfME, and MTNA and attend annual conferences for each organization. I currently serve as the President of Western's ACDA Student Chapter. We have 23 active members and are excited to have 18 of our members attend the National ACDA Conference in Salt Lake City, UT in February.

Our goal as a student chapter is to provide opportunities for our members to expand on the skills we learn in our undergraduate and graduate studies through affiliation with the National, Regional, and State ACDA organizations. In doing this we will be networking as young professionals while also being immersed in the choral community.

I am excited to be joining the NW ACDA board as the Collegiate Representative. In my time on the board, I would like to provide opportunities for collegiate members that will prepare them for various aspects of life as a choral music educator. I would like to create ways for collegiate members to collaborate and share experience and knowledge from their studies with other members across the region.

It is important for us as collegiate members and as aspiring choral music educators to develop relationships with one another, because in a few short years we will no longer be fellow students, but colleagues. My goal as NW ACDA Collegiate Representative is to act as a voice for the collegiate members. Please feel free to contact me with any ideas, suggestions, or comments as to what you would like to see from ACDA in regards to your development as a choral music educator.