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President Leesa Kuhlmann greets Wyoming members at start of new "choral year" 2008

kuhlmannDear ACDA member,

Welcome to another school or church year.

We'll continue to communicate through the special Wyoming page on the NW Divisional Web site, so bookmark this page. Howard Meharg, the district webmaster, will be forwarding messages from me to you. We do not have a website of our own unless someone wants to be in charge of that?

TJ Dick, our new President-Elect has informed me that he resigned his position to move to Utah and work for his church. We hate to see him go, but wish him the best of luck for this new turn in his career.

However, that leaves us with an opening (again) for a President-Elect. If you want to be considered, please contact me as soon as possible. We could sure use you!

Roy Dahlinger is our Past President and Judy Harmon is our treasurer. They have been priceless to work with and I look forward to having them on hand again this year.

Last year we had a very successful All-state Children’s Choir in Rock Springs with director, Susan Brumfield. Kudos to Sarah Wessel for putting that together! Next year’s Children’s Choir will be in Casper. We will be looking forward to hearing about that at our meeting at All-state in Casper in January.

Also, last year we sponsored three of our Wyoming members to attend the NWACDA conference in Vancouver by reimbursing them for their registration fee. The members were Gerry Scott and Kari Pinney from Cody and Cecile Weichmann from Worland. Congratulations to these members. This sponsorship program continues. Note the link to further information above.

Wyoming ACDA partnered with the old Wyoming IAJE , the Arts Council, and UW to bring in Michelle Weir for a very well-attended summer workshop. She was wonderful and everyone had a good time. We hope to do something similar to this every summer.

A Women’s Festival will be held at Casper College in October. Wyoming ACDA is sponsoring this new endeavor. Thanks to Marsha and Pat Patton for getting this started. Please mark it on your calendars now and plan to take your girls choirs to this very educational event.  More news should be forthcoming. (See more about this by clicking the link regarding this festival on the main page of this web site or clicking here.)

We are always striving to better serve our members. If you have suggestions for things we can do to support vocal music education in Wyoming, please contact me, Roy, or Judy with your proposals.

We welcome new members, too, so get your friends on board, especially those new to the education field. We have a membership incentive program for first-time members. If you are about to become a first-time member, Wyoming ACDA will pay half of the dues if you send your half and a completed membership form to Judy. Current members, please encourage your colleagues to join.

Have a great school year and see you in January in Casper!

Leesa Kuhlmann,
Wyoming ACDA President

Wyoming Leadership Contact Information

Leesa Kuhlmann                                            
308 Goldenrod Dr.                                        
Rock Springs, WY 82901                              
H 307-362-8981                                             
W 307-352-3440                  

Judy Harmon
3505 Dillon Avenue
Cheyenne, WY 82001
H 307-635-8040

Roy Dahlinger
Rawlins High School
1401 Colorado St.
Rawlins, WY  82301
W 307-328-9280
H  307-324-4908


January 2, 2008

Leesa Kuhlmann, Wyoming's new ACDA president greets NW membership

It's happening in Wyoming

Hi. I’m Leesa Kuhlmann, Wyoming’s ACDA State President. It’s windy and cold as winter sets in here, but we have some exciting things to look forward to this year.

We will be having our All-State meeting in Sheridan this year in conjunction with MENC’s All-State conference.  We help to finance a workshop for our seven community colleges and our university students to get together and work under a clinician during this time. This year’s director is Dr. Nathan Leaf of the University of Wyoming. He is new to our state and we are looking forward to meeting him. 

In April, our directors around the state will be presenting their students for adjudication, performing at district festivals. The first day is large groups and the second day is solos and ensembles.  Each district lines up their own adjudicators, and it is always a good experience for the students to hear comments from someone new.

The Wyoming ACDA Children’s Honor Choir is set for June 6 & 7 in my hometown, Rock Springs. Thanks to the diligence of my friend, Sarah Wessel, this is sure to be a success. Sarah has contracted with Susan Brumfield from Texas Tech to work with the children, so the students and directors alike are in for a real treat! She will be giving a workshop for the directors on Friday night and then working with the children all day on Saturday.  The Sweetwater Children’s Honor Choir, sponsored by BOCES, is the host choir, and will also be performing at the concert on Saturday night.

One of the concerns in our state is the new requirements for the state college scholarship, called the Hathaway. There are so many academic requirements, and the performing arts are completely left out. It is going to make it a lot harder for students to sign up for and take our classes, especially staying in the program throughout their high school years.

I hope to meet you at Vancouver in February. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for increasing membership. We are such a small state with lots of miles between towns. How do you get the word out to your prospective members about ACDA and the benefits of being a member of this illustrious organization?  Let me know at  See you in Vancouver!