2014 NW ACDA Conference Performing Choirs Photos  

The photos are provided at 300 dpi and should print very well. We suggest using a quality printer and photo paper for best results. For those who have access to a printer handling 19 inch high quality photo paper, we've provided photos 18" wide, leaving a half-inch margin. A 10" width is also provided for those printers using 11 x 8.5 sized photo paper. All photos to be printed in the "landscape" setting. If you intend to upload the photo to your website, I suggest you open the photo in a Photoshop type program and resize it, perhaps changing it to 72 dpi. (This will speed downloads for your viewers.)

1. Click on either the 18 inch wide photo or the 10 inch wide.
2. With a PC, right click and then click on "Save photo as"
3. Choose a file folder to which to save the photo and save it.
4. Open the photo from that folder. You may choose to open, say, in Photoshop or other photo editing program for further sizing or cropping OR:
5. Choose PRINT and set your printer appropriately for highest quality printing.

  Seattle Children's Chorus Arioso - Kris Mason - 18W | 10W  
  Illumni Men's Chorale - Christopher McCafferty - 18W | 10W  
  University of Puget Sound Adelphian Choir - Steven Zopfi - 18W | 10W  
  Tacoma Youth Choir - Judith Herrington - 18W | 10W  
  Chor Anno - Howard Meharg - 18W | 10W  
  Sacajawea Middle School Choir - Charlotte Colliver - 18W | 10W  
  Tahoma High School Chamber Choir - Kenneth Riggs - 18W | 10W  
  Idaho State University Chamber Choir - Scott Anderson - 18W | 10W  
  Heritage High School Women's Choir - Joel Karn - 18W | 10W  
  Canonici: Consort of Voices - Lyman - 18W | 10W  
  University of Washington Chamber Chorale - Geoffrey Boers - 18W | 10W  
  Seattle Girls' Choir Prime Voci - Jacob Winkler - 18W | 10W  
  Oregon State University Meistersingers - Russell Christensen - 18W | 10W  
  BYU - Idaho Collegiate Singers - Randall Kempton - 18W | 10W  
  Tucson Arizona Boys Chorus - Julian Ackerley - 18W | 10W  
  Ballard High School Concert Choir - Courtney Rowley Pelavin - 18W | 10W  
  Portland State University Chamber Choir - Ethan Sperry - 18W | 10W  
  Elektra - Morna Edmundson - 18W | 10W  
  The Nathaniel Dett Chorale - Brainerd Blyden-Taylor - 18W | 10W  
  Pacific Youth Choir Coro Pacifica - Mia Hall Miller - 18W | 10W  
  Oregon State University Chamber Choir - Steven Zielke - 18W | 10W  
  Children's Honor Choir - Fred Meads - 18W | 10W  
  Youth Honor Choir - Dan Davison - 18W | 10W  
  High School Men's Honor Choir - Nicole Lamartine - 18W | 10W  
  High School Women's Honor Choir - Hilary Apfelstadt - 18W | 10W  
  BYU -1 - Original  
  BYU-2 - Original  
  BYU 3 - Original (cropped)